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Requests. CLOSED. ____________________________________________ I write for: BAP, EXO, GOT7

Sorry for the long wait! >__< Here’s an angst request by an anon for Daehyun.

I’ll try to be updating more frequently! This scenario is ridiculously long though… I hope you guys enjoy it! I cried while writing it.. T~T I’m a baby… mehhhhhh…




“Baby, where are you?” He laughs over the phone as he shivers. It had been already 20 minutes since you told him you were on your way. The restaurant wasn’t too far from where you were, but you were taking forever… and he was standing out in the cold.

“Almost there! Don’t wait for me, go inside-“

“No it’s okay, I’ll wait-“

“It’s cold outside. Don’t be silly, Jung Daehyun… I don’t need you getting sick.” You scolded him over the phone as he laughed. “It’s not a laughing matter. Please go inside. I’ll be there soon.”

“I’ll wait, _____.” He shivered again, burying his face a little deeper into his warm scarf. “Hurry! I can’t wait to see you!” Daehyun said happily over the phone as you in turn laughed.

“Okay, okay. W-Wait! What are you-“


“N-No! You shouldn’t be crossing yet! Wait, please!” You screamed over the phone. He immediately knew you weren’t talking to him.

”_____! What’s going on?!” Daehyun shouts, everyone on the street turning to face him. He looks up when he hears a car honk blaring. “_____?!” He looks at the direction and immediately he recognized it was you. “______! What are you-” Daehyun shouts loudly, but it was too late.

The phone line goes dead in his hands as he shakes his head and panics. Daehyun runs from the front of the restaurant to the accident, his feet hitting the cold earth as he let the cold wind hit his face.

There was screaming and crying. He fell to his knees when he realized what had happened. Right before his eyes, you were struck by a car. He was standing only a few hundred feet from you, and there you were now, laying on the cold pavement, chest rising slowly, a pool of blood surrounding you.

“Mommy!” Daehyun looked at the child, being tightly embraced by their mother. He had run out in the middle of the street to catch up with his mom, and you had run out to stop him, getting hit by the oncoming car instead of the child who was pushed out of the way. He crawled slowly to you and lifted your head into his lap.

”______… ______!” He shouts as he touches your cheek gently. Your eyes open weakly at the sound of your name being called. The familiar voice, the warm feeling you felt.


“Oh god. Oh god, ______, baby, please! Please hold on-” The woman held onto her child tightly, talking on the phone fast as you heard ambulance sirens coming from afar. “O-Oh god, please!” Daehyun holds you tightly, his hands shaking when he realized how fast you were losing blood.

“D…Dae..” You murmured his name quietly before feeling your eyes shut.

Please don’t go! I need you to stay with me! Please stay with me!


“… ‘kay..” You whisper, your breathing becoming ragged. It was getting harder to breathe. The ambulance still sounded so far, Daehyun’s voice sounding so far away from you. He clutched onto your hand and squeezed tightly.

“H-Hang in there!” The man staggered out of the car and Daehyun looked up at him murderously.

“She ran out! I-I didn’t see her-“

The child was out in the street! Would you have hit him?!” Daehyun shouts angrily at him. “If she dies, I’ll-“

“D-Dae…” You gasp out his name as he stops yelling immediately. You shake your head weakly as the ambulance finally arrives. The medics take you immediately onto the stretcher as Daehyun shouts.

“Please! Please tell me she’ll be alright!”

“Quickly, we have to take her to the hospital now.” Daehyun clenches his fist tightly and as they were loading you into the ambulance, he turned fast to the man.

I’ll make you regret everything if she dies.” He mutters poisonously before swinging a heavy punch into the man’s face. Daehyun turns and runs quickly into the ambulance as his shirt was pulled from behind. “Wha-” The young boy held a bag in front of him. “What is-“

“N-Noona… Noona was carrying this.” Daehyun nods and pats the boy on the head before running into the ambulance, just as before they left.

“Sir, are you alright? Sir, do you have any injuries-“

“No, I’m fine!” Daehyun brushes them away. Regardless of what he had told them, they had checked him out anyways. He quickly calls the other members to let them know he’s on the way to the hospital due to the accident. Once he hangs up, he grabs the medic’s arm and shakes it fast. “Please! Please tell me she’ll be okay!”

“Sir, there are no guarantees. We will do our best.”

Please. I can’t.. I can not lose her!

“I understand sir. Please hang on. We are doing all that we can.” He grabs your hand tightly.

“Hang in there, ______! Hang in there…” He sobs, tears running down his face. “Hang in there..” Daehyun cries and shakes his head. “I can’t live without you. I can’t-” You open your eyes weakly before muttering quietly.

“I… I know…”

“I love you. I love you so much, baby. Please stay with me. Don’t give up, don’t stop fighting!” Daehyun begs as the ambulance approaches the hospital.

“Get her to the emergency room fast. She’s low on blood, her pulse is decreasing fast! Be careful. Her leg’s broken, and her left arm has been dislocated along with several fractured ribs. Quickly, quickly!” Daehyun was pushed out of the way as they quickly moved the stretcher into the emergency room. Daehyun ran with them as fast as they could before he saw his members waiting outside the emergency room.

“N-Noo-Noona?!” Zelo’s face was in horror as he saw your body being quickly rushed into the emergency room.

“O-Oh my god, noona!” Jongup covers his mouth and his back hits the wall before dropping to the floor, completely distraught at the sight.

“We can not let you go any farther.” They quickly stopped Daehyun as he shakes his head.

“I need to be with her. I need to-“

“Stop it, Daehyun!” Yongguk grabs his shoulder and pulls him back as he tries to fight it. “Stop! Daehyun stop!” Himchan quickly grabs hold of him as well.

“Daehyun! Please!” Youngjae shouts as he finally gives up and falls to his knees in front of the emergency room. “Daehyun-” He shakes his head fast before tears rolled down his face steadily.

“I saw her. I was there when she was hit. Why couldn’t I stop her?!”

“What happened?” Himchan asks quietly.

“I was waiting for her outside the restaurant.. She was running 20 minutes late but she said she was almost here. Then she pushed some kid out of the way and got hit… Damn it! I was right there! I was right there…” He sobbed loudly before the rest of the members went silent.

“Is she going to be okay?” Zelo was crying now as Yongguk sighs heavily.

“I don’t know, Junhong.” He answers as Daehyun looks at the bag in his hand. He reaches in slowly and pulls out a box with a tag on it: Happy Anniversary. That was it. His tears flew down like no other and he found it hard to breathe. Daehyun gasped for air before he shakily opened the box. In it, was a nice silver watch, behind the watch, engraved was both of their initials, forever.

“Hyung…” Jongup whispers as Daehyun puts the watch back in the bag before a small card slips out.


Dear Daehyun,

Believe it or not, this is our one year anniversary. Time flies doesn’t it? I still remember when you asked me to go out with you. It was right before you left for TS Entertainment. Honestly I wasn’t too sure I was ready to date a trainee and a soon-to-be idol… But I have no regrets. I can’t imagine my life not by your side. Even though you come home late and sometimes don’t come home at all, I’m okay with it. I’m okay with it because I know you love me. Although you’ve placed music and the other members as your top priority, you’ll always be my top priority. I know you don’t like gifts and everything, but remember that watch you’ve always wanted? Well, even if you don’t, I do. So I’ve spent my savings on it. Do you like the engravings? I hope we’re together for many more years to come. Even though you’ve been busy promoting nonstop this year, to be quite honest, I’ve missed you. But I know you love me still; I have no regrets dating you.

I love you, Jung Daehyun. Wow, this is starting to get long. I don’t really expect you to read all of this seeing as I’ll probably end up saying most of it to you. But let’s be together forever, okay? If that’s alright with you anyways… I promise to always be there and to support you anyway that I can. For everything we’ve gone through this year, through the good and the bad, we’ve made it together. So, stay strong, baby!

Love, ______.

P.S.- You may not have remembered this was our one year anniversary, but it’s okay. I forgive you because you’ve had so much on your plate these days! Love you!


His heart broke. His crying and sobbing grew louder as he let out an angry shout of desperation.

“You promised.. You promised me you’d always be there for me! Please… Please don’t leave me! Please don’t leave me _____! I need you by my side. I need you!” Daehyun cries as Yongguk quickly wraps his arms around him. “Oh god, I can’t lose her! She means so much to me! I haven’t seen her in so long! Oh god, why?!” He sobs as the members gather around, tear stained.

“Daehyun…” The other members couldn’t find anything else to say. They couldn’t say she’ll be alright because even the hospital doctors doing their best couldn’t guarantee your survival.

“You said we’ll be together forever! I can’t… I can’t without you! Please, ______… God, please… Don’t take her away from me. Don’t take her away…”



“Excuse me?” You raised an eyebrow as he stuffed his hands in his pocket.

“My name is Jung Daehyun. I’ve… I’ve had a crush on you for a while. Will you please be my girlfriend?” He bowed his head low as you laugh.

“Wait a minute. You’re Jung Daehyun… the one who performed on that stage… Weren’t you the one recruited to… what’s it called… TS Entertainment! Weren’t you?” You smile at him as he nods. “Congratulations with that.”

“I’m leaving this academy tomorrow to start as a trainee. Please go out with me!”

“You’re asking someone like me?”

“Before I left, I had to absolutely tell you.” Daehyun mumbles as you sigh. “I promise to cherish you! Even though I’ll be busy with trainee work, I promise I will contact you everyday.”

“I just… I just can’t believe you’re asking me out.” You mutter, and he nods fast. “You really like someone plain like me?”

“I think you’re absolutely beautiful.”

“You got me there.” You laugh and nod. “Yeah, I’ll go out with you. To be honest, Jung Daehyun, I think you made me fall for you a bit with that dancing on that stage there.”

“Really?” He laughs and you knew immediately this kid was the right one for you.


Why were memories of the two of you coming now?


“Wait a minute! You’re being recruited into a new boy band group already?!” You shout excitedly over the phone as he laughs.


“Congratulations!” You shout loudly as a knock was made on your door. “Hang on-” You run to the door and the phone falls out of your hand. There he was, Jung Daehyun, in person. “Your hair-” You reach up and ruffle it as he wraps his arms around your waist and spins you around.

“I did it!” You laugh loudly as he stops swinging you and sets you down to your feet.

“Your hair, I like it.” You smile and he runs a hand down your cheek.

“Hey, can I have a congratulations gift?” He smiles. You raise an eyebrow as he pulls you closer to him. “May I kiss you, _____?” Your lips curved up as you nod. As your eyes begin to shut, his face nears your before his lips linger centimeters away from yours. When his lips touch yours, your entire body was on fire. Everything was perfect, everything was Jung Daehyun.



I love you Jung Daehyun.


“Her heart is failing. Quickly!” You could hear them panicking and then nothing.



“I’m sorry I can’t have dinner with you. We’ve planned it for so long too…”

“I hardly see you anymore, Daehyun.”

“I-I know. I’m sorry. I promise it won’t happen aga-“

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Jung Daehyun.” You mumble into the phone. “I know it’l happen again. Don’t tell me it’s not going to, cause it will. You’re an idol, and you’re nonstop promoting this year.” He remains silent before sighing heavily.

“You want to break up with me?”

“Have you stopped loving me?”

“No! No, never!”

“Then no, I don’t want to break up with you. I… I know it’s your job. I know you can’t prioritize me over that.” You let out a quiet laugh. “I love you.” You say over the phone. Your face was bright red as this was the first time you said the three words to him. You wait patiently, hoping he felt the same.

“I love you too, baby. More than anything. I promised I could have dinner with you tonight, and I’m sorry for breaking the promise.” You nod.

“I didn’t mean to get so upset. I know no matter where you are, you’ll love me.”

“No matter where you are, you’ll always be supporting me, right?” Daehyun asks as you smile.

“Yes, Daehyun. I’ll always love you no matter where I am. And no matter where I am, I will always… always be supporting you in all you do.”



Hours past, but not once did Daehyun leave his spot outside the emergency room. He ended up falling asleep waiting for you, his face stained by his tears. Finally, the door opened and out stepped one doctor. Daehyun quickly woke up from his sleep and watched the doctor’s face, the rest of the members standing by Daehyun.

“She… How is she?” Yongguk asks quietly as Daehyun’s entire body began to tremble. The doctor says nothing before rubbing the back of his neck. Daehyun covers his mouth before the doctor nods, sighing.

“We’re not sure.”

“Wh-What do you mean?” Himchan asks loudly as the doctor shakes his head.

“She responded to the surgery okay. The fractured ribs will take a while to heal, as well as her leg and her arm… but she’s not…” The doctor’s voice trails off as Daehyun stands.

“Wh-What do you-“

She’s not waking up.” The doctor mumbles softly to him.

“What?” Yongguk mumbles before grabbing hold of Daehyun’s arm. He was ready to fall over any minute from the news.

“She’s not waking up?” Zelo asks as tears spilled from the poor young boy’s eyes again.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jongup asks.

“Everything is fine. She’s stable, her breathing is regular, her heart’s beating and the blood pressure is fine.. but she’s just not waking up…” Daehyun breaks free of Yongguk’s grasp and grabs the doctor.

“What do you mean?! What do you mean she’s not waking up?! Do something about it!”

“Daehyun!” Youngjae grabs his shoulder as Daehyun quickly shakes him off.

“This is nothing in our control.” The doctor removes Daehyun’s tight grip. “This is something she has to do herself. We’ve done our absolute best. But waking up? That’s all up to her. She’s in a coma.” He staggers backwards as Yongguk grabs hold of him again. “She might wake up today, tomorrow, the day after that. Or maybe in a week, one month, 2 months… years from now… or never.”

“C-Can I see her?” He asks weakly as the doctor begins to lead them towards her room.

“Hey.” Yongguk calls to Zelo and grabs his arm. “Only Daehyun.”

“B-But I care for noona too!”

“Stop, Jongup.” Himchan grabs him as well.


“Why can’t-” Youngjae starts.

Only Daehyun…



I walk into the room and there she lays. Her chest heaves up and down, breathing normally. It looks like she’s sleeping… but not. I stumble behind the doctor and fall beside her. Her arm was bandaged up and her leg was being held up. She had an IV in her arm along with many other needles, then an oxygen mask. Her eyes remained shut, bandages around her head and on her face. She was so fragile looking as I looked up at the doctor.

“Y-You won’t know when she wakes?” The doctor looks at me and shakes his head.

“None of us know. All we can hope is that she wakes up within a week. It’s a miracle she’s survived.” I knelt down beside her and took her hand in mine and pressed my lips gently to it.



“It’s my fault. I-I don’t know… It’s just my fault. It’s all my fault.” He muttered over and over, clutching onto your hand. Daehyun sits onto a chair, refusing to leave your side. “Please… Please wake up…” Nothing. He feels himself crying again. Even when the members told him he had to leave, he refused. He wanted to cancel all the meetings BAP had, all the shows they had to go on. Daehyun wanted to be here when you woke up. Whenever that was, he did not want to leave your side for a second.

“You can not do this, Daehyun.”

“I will not leave her.”

“Daehyun! Have you forgotten you are an idol?!” Yongguk raises his voice. “If it were up to her, do you think she’d be happy with you staying behind here? Do you think she’d be happy to know that you’re just giving up on us to be with her?!”

“I don’t-” And with that, he lost. And with that, he left your side.

It didn’t make much of a difference to have left her side to go to the meeting and music program, because when he came back, you were still asleep. The day after that, you were still asleep, and the day after that. It had been a little more than a week now. He was always by your side from morning until night unless he had something to do with BAP. Nonetheless, he stayed with you.

Every time he’d come, it was the same. You were sleeping soundly, your injuries still present. The doctors still had no good news for you. Every day he would talk to you, tell you how his day went, tell you how much he loved you, tell you how much you meant to him, cry to you.. He would cry until he could cry no more, cry until he fell asleep laying his head beside you.

Until finally…


Daehyun.” His ears perk up to the sound of the voice as he looks up from his resting position. His eyes widen when he sees the smile spread across your face, your beautiful eyes staring straight into his.

”______…” He mumbles out your name before biting his lower lip. Daehyun gives your hand a squeeze before pressing it to his forehead. “Th-Thank god… Thank god you’re alright.”

“D-Did you like the present?” After waking up from the coma within a week and a half, the first thing she asked was if he liked the present? Daehyun chuckles before tears roll down his face.

“Y-Yeah, I did. I loved it.”

“Is that so? I-I have good taste, hm?” You laugh softly before sighing heavily. “How long was I asleep? I-It feels like just yesterday that I was hit-“

“A week and a half.”

“I thought I was going to die. Throughout the surgery, all I could think about was you… I thought it was it.”

“N-No! No, you’d never… No you-” You reach up with your hand weakly and run your fingers through his soft blonde hair. “Baby… God… I thought I lost you.”

“I thought I had lost you as well.” You sigh and stroke his face gently with your hand. “I’m… I’m glad you’re here.”

“I’m glad you’re here! I wouldn’t… If I had lost you.. I don’t know what I would’ve done. You stayed so strong, baby.” You smile at him as he holds your hand again. You run it gently below his eye before sighing.

“H-Have you been crying a lot, Jung Daehyun? Your eyes are so puffy…”

“It can’t be helped! I thought every time I came here I was going to lose you. Y-You have no idea how that feels! You have no idea what it’s like to be on the other side where I am. I wasn’t sure you’d make it, the doctors didn’t know when you’d wake up.. A-And you were hit by that car right before my eyes! I thought I was going to die, I-” He stands and presses his hand to cover his eyes. “You have no idea how scared I was of losing you… and here you are now.

His shoulders heaved up and down as he cries.

“I was so scared of losing you! B-But you’re awake now. But you’re here with me… I-I don’t need to live without you-” You squeezed his hand as tears rolled down your face. “_____!”

“I-I’m sorry… I’ve caused you so much pain-“

“No, don’t… Don’t cry. I’m sorry, _____.” Daehyun presses his lips to your forehead. “You had me so worried… What would I do without you?” Tears still left his eyes and all you could do was smile. “I don’t know what I’d do-“

“I’d hope that you’d continue with your activities… Then I’d ask you to forget about me. No matter what I’d always be supporting you, you know that.”

“Don’t talk as if you’re gone. You’re here now. You’re here with me now.”

“I am.”

“I thought I was going to die without you. I love you… I love you so much, ______.”

“Thank you for staying by my side… I-I’m not going anywhere without you by my side.” You whisper, brushing his hair with your hand and sighing. “I’m not going anywhere… I love you, Jung Daehyun.”




Thanks for reading! How was it? :3