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_____ [2:00:00PM]: Are you coming home for dinner tonight?

You waited for his response for hours. Why was it always you who had to do the waiting, always asking where he was? All you wanted to know was if you should make dinner for two. It had been a while… You wondered why you bothered even asking anymore.

Jung Daehyun [5:58:20PM]: Not tonight.

_____ [5:59:30PM]: Again? Working late hours?

Then you waited once more for his response.

Jung Daehyun [6:10:02PM]: Like usual.

_____ [6:11:24PM]: What time are you coming home? Will I see you at all today?

You waited.

Jung Daehyun [6:24:00PM]: Probably not. Got to go.

_____ [6:11:24PM]: Are you ever going to come back?

And waited.

Jung Daehyun [6:34:06PM]: I have a job, and it’s been late nights practicing all week.

_____ [6:34:24PM]: I know that, but you also have a girlfriend.

Jung Daehyun [6:35:10PM]: What are you saying?

_____ [6:35:30PM]: I don’t know. You’ve been neglecting me.

Jung Daehyun [6:36:15PM]: Do we have to talk about this now? Can we discuss later? I’m working.

So in the end he chose his work over you. Was that it? You thought to yourself before clutching your phone tightly. Almost a year of being in a relationship with him. Once he debuted with BAP, he seemed distant, and always too busy for you. You both already discussed the circumstances your relationship would be put in, but he’s the one who insisted everything was going to be okay, that you would always be his number one priority. Not anymore.

_____ [6:38:25PM]: I want to break up with you.

No response.


You placed your phone down and yawned. Goodbye, Jung Daehyun. Why were you so calm about this? This relationship wasn’t working out. You were giving and not receiving. It wasn’t working and you couldn’t handle it anymore. With a heavy sigh, you stand up and walk to the bedroom you both shared.

You stood by the bedside and stared at the made bed on the other side, the side that remained un-slept in for so long. Long before you knew it, tears fell from your eyes. Don’t regret breaking up with him, _____, you told yourself. Boys like him aren’t worth all the tears you’ve spent for the last few months and weeks. No guy is worth all the tears you’ve shed, not even Jung Daehyun.

Feeling nostalgic now and regretful wasn’t going to change anything. You quickly pack your bags and suitcases. This was it. You were going to leave the home you two shared and created together, and find a place on your own. It was final.


"Hyung-" Jongup called Daehyun. "Hey, you’re taking another break?" Daehyun nods and stretches.

"Too much dancing… I have to rest."

"Right. He just wants to go check on his girlfriend." Youngjae mumbles quietly. Daehyun rolls his eyes before pulling his phone out of his bag. 1 Message.

_____ [6:38:25PM]: I want to break up with you.

"Wh-What?" He covered his mouth and nearly felt the urge to vomit. "Shit!" He cursed loudly. "Wh-Wh… What the hell?! What the hell is this?!"

"Hyung!" Zelo quickly ran over. "What’s wrong?!"

"Daehyun-" Yongguk reaches out for him. He takes the phone fast from Daehyun’s hand and raises both his eyebrows. "H-Hey… I thought things were okay between you two."

"Eh? Noona?" Zelo takes the phone and looks back at Daehyun. "H-Hyung…"

"She…" Daehyun pauses, still trying to piece everything together. "She’s breaking up with me… over text message? What did I do? D-Did I… Did I not love her enough?"

"Hyung…" Jongup shakes Daehyun’s shoulders. "Get a grip-"

"Did you guys fight?" Youngjae asks as Daehyun looks to the ground. I don’t know.

You’ve been neglecting me.

Do we have to talk about this now? Can we discuss later? I’m working.

Daehyun shakes his head fast.

"Daehyun, you-" He lets out an aggravated shout before bolting out of the practice room. "Hey! Daehyun!" Yongguk calls out for him.


Fuck!" Daehyun shouts as he runs through the crowded streets. Please. Please be home. Please… Daehyun bites down hard on his teeth before pushing his feet to carry him faster. “Fuck!” He curses again. Don’t leave me. I didn’t mean it like that! I didn’t mean to brush you off!

Daehyun finally makes it back to the apartment before fumbling with the keys. “_____?!” He calls your name. “_____!” He pushes the door open and flicks on the light.

Empty. Daehyun grabs his head as he runs into the living room. The pictures of you were gone, the pictures of the two of you… ripped so that only he remained in the picture frames. It was like you disappeared altogether from his life.

"Oh god… Oh god…" Daehyun mumbles to himself as he runs into the kitchen. The pictures on the fridge, gone. Then he ran into the bathroom, all your things, gone. Then lastly… the bedroom. “Please…” Daehyun reaches for the door knob and opens it slowly before falling to his knees. “_____…”

The bed was made for both sides. Daehyun ran for the closet and only his clothes remained. The drawers that once belonged to you were now empty. His eyes began to water, his throat dry, his head throbbing.

What have I done? Daehyun runs his hand through his hair before approaching the bed. A silver light shined as he bent down and picked up the promise ring he gave you. “O-Oh god.” He mutters before snapping out his phone and rereading the last text message. It seemed like it was the last thing he had of you.

”_____, come back… I didn’t mean it.” Daehyun lays down on the bed and presses the ring to his lips as tears escape his eyes.


Jung Daehyun [10:57:51PM]: Please come back. Can we talk? Please.

You looked at the message and squeezed your eyes shut.

Jung Daehyun [10:57:52PM]: I need you, please…

Jung Daehyun [10:57:56PM]: I love you, _____. Don’t do this.

Jung Daehyun [10:58:10PM]: Baby. Baby, please. I didn’t mean to neglect you.

You ignored all phone calls, not even bothering to check if they were from him or not.

Jung Daehyun [11:00:00PM]: Please pick up the phone.. Please answer my calls. Please answer my texts. I’m so worried..

Jung Daehyun [11:02:39PM]: I’m an idiot, _____… Come back. I’m begging you.

You sat on the bench waiting for the bus to come. You were going to head for a hotel, spend the night there, and then call a friend to come and get you. It was freezing, and you didn’t want to talk to Daehyun. If you had to be the one to break up with him through text to get him to come to his senses-

The phone rang and you felt your heart accelerate. Was it unfair of you to do something like this to him? You thought to yourself before fumbling with your jacket. It was so cold… You looked at the phone and held your breath once you saw the caller ID: Jung Daehyun. You ignored the call and bit your lower lip.

"Sorry." You whispered. "Not this time." Was it going to hurt to listen to the voicemail though? You clicked to listen to the voicemail, holding your phone in your lap as you put it on speakerphone.

”_____, baby. Wh-Where are you? Where did you go? I-It’s so cold outside, please… Please be somewhere safe and warm. I-I know I’ve done something horrible to you, and I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to choose my work over you, I thought you’d understand, honestly, I didn’t know it was affecting you like so. E-Even if it didn’t seem like I conveyed it very often, I love you so much. I love you more than life itself, baby. I… I hate myself right now. I hate the times when I can’t see you because of work. I don’t want to burden you with all my stress so sometimes I just don’t return. Over text, I-I didn’t mean to neglect the situation about neglecting you. Can we talk? Just please, _____… I love you. I don’t want to lose you… I can’t…” You could hear his voice beginning to break.

Please come home.” The recording stops after that phrase, and at the same time, you look up at the voice in front of you. Almost immediately, you begin to cry. “P-Please come home…”

"Daehyun." You whisper his name. He panted heavily and you could see the puffs of air as he breathed heavily from running. Deep inside you felt somewhat relieved though. He was warmly dressed so at least he hadn’t ran here freezing. But why were you worrying anyways? "How… How did you find me-" You put your phone down before continuing to cry. "I-I never want to see you-"

"Answer me, _____. Wh-Why through text? Why through text?!" He shouts angrily at you. "Tell me why you’re doing this to me! I give you 10 seconds to explain!"

"Because you don’t love me!" You scream at him. "You don’t! You love your job more than anything! A-And you deserve someone better than me! I-I wanted your everything, Daehyun… I’m selfish."

"You can’t be-"

"Please… I’m sorry it had to be through text, but we’re over-"

"What will I even be able to do once you leave me?!" He shouted in desperation. "I need you by my side! I love you!”

"Continue on with your singing career, Daehyun. Please… I can’t stay by your side!" Daehyun approaches you fast and throws his arms around your shaking body.

"Daehyun, stop! I-It’s-"

"We’re not over!" You sobbed in his arms as Daehyun held you as close to him as possible. "I’m sorry you felt neglected. I didn’t want that. I’m so sorry, _____. Please don’t break up with me, please. Work is so time consuming… I really wish I could be with you all the time. It’s…" Daehyun’s knees gave in and immediately you held onto him. He was on his knees now, his arms around your waist, his face pressed against your stomach.


Don’t leave. Come home, please. Come back to me." He whispers almost inaudibly.

"Get up, Daehyun, please don’t kneel. You don’t understand… I-I just can’t deal with this life anymore. I can’t, Daehyun." You were now sobbing as you helped him stand up. "Go back."

"I won’t go back if you’re not with me." Daehyun mumbles as he holds your shoulders tightly. "All day, I kept thinking of you. Every day I think of you. And when I think of you, my heart always races."


I need you.” Daehyun wraps his arms around you again. “I love you, _____… I won’t neglect you. I won’t-“

"It’s inevitable…" You whisper back to him. He reaches back and places a hand behind your head to hold you close.

Please give me another chance..


"I can’t promise you my job won’t take the priority of my time, but I promise you I’ll always make time to be with you. That I promise you." Daehyun pulls away from you and presses both his hands on your cheek. "I love you. Please don’t leave me.” You watch him shut his eyes as he leans in. No matter how angry and upset you were… Even though you had ended a year long relationship with a simple text… He came. He came running for you.

You couldn’t deny your feelings for him and shut your own eyes as well. His lips pressed against yours, not forcefully, but in a way full of need and desperation. You moved your lips against his before your hands find their way to his jacket. You pull him closer to you as your cold lips molded against his.

When you both pulled away for air, Daehyun brushed your hair gently with his cold fingers.

"Will you take me back?" Daehyun asks quietly before looking away from you. You want to say yes, but before you could answer, he asks you another question, feeling even more insecure than before. "Do you… Do you regret not breaking it off with me before BAP debuted?"


"D-Do you regret loving me?" He asks softly as you take his cold hands and press each knuckle to your lips before shaking your head fast.

"No! No, no, Jung Daehyun! I’ve never regretted loving you. I have no regrets… I-I just…" You pause hesitantly. "I’m being so unfair.. I don’t deserve you.."

"What? No! Don’t-"

"We already talked about it… You already told me you’d be busy with your schedules and I was okay with it. I don’t know why I’m suddenly taking it so hard. I love you, Daehyun, it’s just… There’s no way for me to ever…” You trail off as he pulls away and takes off his scarf, wrapping it around your neck. His small actions of affection make you cry as you continue. “Th-There’s no way for me to ever compete for your love if I’m competing against your love for singing!”

"Stop." He says before this time, slamming his lips against yours to stop you from talking. "You mean more to me than anything. This. Your text to break up… I-I… I’d give up singing for you. I’d give up anything for you as long as you’re by my side.”

"You don’t mean that." You push him away. "Don’t lie to me, Daehyun… Singing is a part of you. It’s always going to be important to you no matter what. And if you give up singing for me I’ll hate you forever." He pauses before nodding. It’s as if you knew him better than he knew himself. Of course he would attempt to give up singing for you… But it wouldn’t make either of you happy. He loved singing… How could you be so selfish to tell him to stop so he could love you more? But for him to even say such a thing was enough.

"Will you come home?" Daehyun shivers before you brush your thumb across his cold lips. "I love you, ______. I promise to be a better boyfriend and…" He trails off before taking your cold hand in his. "Will you be my girlfriend again?"

"Yeah." You mumble and smile at him. "I’m sorry I broke up with you, Daehyun. I love you so much, I just-"

"I know." He kisses your forehead. "You literally gave me a heart attack, ______… Please don’t break up with me via text again… please. At least come to my face and tell me you hate me and want to break up with me… But please refrain from breaking up with me in general. I-I promise I’ll be a better boyfriend.”

"It won’t happen again. I’ll never hate you, stupid." You lean against his shoulder. "Cause I love you… I was just upset." "I know, I know."

"Can we go home?" He holds onto your hand before helping you grab your suitcases and backpack. "Daehyun-"

"I love you, ______… I’ll never let you go. Promise me you’ll never leave.." You wrap your arms around him and you almost seem to feel instantly warmer despite being out in the cold with him for an unbearable amount of time.

"You’re the only one for me, Jung Daehyun."



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