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Requests. CLOSED. ____________________________________________ I write for: BAP, EXO, GOT7

For the anon who requested Yongguk ^^

And it’s angsty for those who wanted an angsty scenario next, haha. SO, to be fair… I’ll try to write a fluffy one next ^^

So stay tuned, and enjoy :)



Your mind was completely muddled. You stood there quietly outside the office. Just how did TS Entertainment find you? You fumbled nervously with your fingers before feeling the tears slide down your face. Why did you have to be the one to do it?

It was taking a while for everything to register. You clutch at your head before sighing and pressing your hands to your lips. The trembling had taken over you completely. You were scared how he was going to take this; you weren’t sure you could carry through with this either. The idea sickened you.

Had you any other choice but the one you were about to make… You didn’t want to hurt him like this. Not now, not ever; especially not today. His manager had just spoken with you, and… you shook as you remembered what you had to do.


"How long have you two been dating?" The manager folded his hands and placed them gently on the desk.

“2 years, sir.” You mumble quietly in response. “Today’s our anniversary…”

“And will you tell me how long you have loved him?”

“It… It has been coming on so gradually, that I hardly know when it began… I knew him before he debuted…” You didn’t quite understand why his manager was suddenly so interested on your relationship with him…

“I see.” He let out a long exasperated sigh before folding both his hands behind his head. “I’m really sorry, but it’s got to end.” You kept your gaze on the floor, refusing to answer him. “You have to break up with Yongguk.”

“Why?” You mutter, looking up at him. “Why do I have to break up with him?” You thought you were hearing wrong.

“I don’t expect someone like you to understand. But he is part of a rookie band. If fans were to find out about this, do you know what it’ll do to his popularity as well as the popularity of the group? You can’t be this selfish.” The manager stood and walked around the desk. Your eyes desperately wanted to avoid his intimidating one, but you kept your gaze strong.

“You can’t honestly ask me-” He slammed his hand on the desk.

“I am. I’m asking you as a manager to break up with him. After many talks with Yongguk himself, he refuses to break up with you. Don’t you understand? You’re taking away his time to practice when he goes to see you. Whenever he thinks about you, he’s not concentrating on his work. When he’s on the phone with you, he’s losing precious time he won’t be getting back. This isn’t just affecting him. It’s affecting all of BAP.”

Suddenly all the confidence you once had was gone. You chewed your lower lip and squeezed your eyes shut. It had come to this. Although he wasn’t forcing you to break up with him… He managed to convince you… that you were detrimental to not only Yongguk but the group. How could you argue against that?

“If BAP is unsuccessful due to your relationship with Yongguk, I hope you’re ready to shoulder the burden.”

“And if I don’t?” You ask him angrily.

“______-sshi?” The manager touched your shoulder. You fought back the urge to throw his hand away. “Can you do this?” You wanted to fight back, and it took all your strength to say what you had to say. “BAP’s fame and reputation is riding on you.”

You couldn’t find the words but simply bit your lower lip. The manager gave your shoulder a slight squeeze.

“I thought you would agree.”


"Damn it…" You thought to yourself before wiping away the tears. You couldn’t even remember why you agreed to such a thing… Honestly you wouldn’t have, but it was affecting all of BAP. The burden you’d have to face… BAP wasn’t going to do well because of you… And the manager was right. You couldn’t be selfish about this…

You were blinded by how much you loved him. You were just aiming to make him happy, but you were just becoming a burden. Bang Yongguk.. I thought we’d be together forever…

”______? Is that you?” You quickly look up at the sound of your name being called. You turn around and you feel your chest get suddenly heavy.

"A-Ah…" You bite your lower lip. Deep down, you were wishing it wasn’t him. “Y-Yongguk-ah..” You mumble softly as he chuckles quietly and bursts out in laughter.

"What are you doing here? Surprising me?" Yongguk tilts his head cutely. "Well, I have been having a bit of an awful day… But you coming here to surprise me just made it better." He responds cooly and approaches you, holding out his arms. Your heart was shattering.. "Happy anniversary, baby." Yongguk smiled and laughed quietly.

"Ah, right. It’s 2 years as of now, hm?" You smile as he embraces you tightly. You shouldn’t have smiled, it wasn’t fair… You couldn’t do something like that to him… "Yongguk, can we-"

"Let’s go see everyone, hm? They’re dying to see you." Your chest tightens when you see his smile. How in the world were you going to tell him this? "Even though today’s our anniversary, and although I’d like to keep you all to myself, everyone’s been missing you a ton…" You couldn’t find the words to say back to him.

His hand tightens around you as he stops right before reaching the practice room.

"Are you alright?" He mumbles and gives your hand a slight squeeze.

"Huh? Wh-What do you-"

"We’ve been together for a while… I know you." Yongguk touches your hair gently and presses his lips against it. "What’s wrong?" You bite your lower lip and look away.

"Nothing. It’s…"

”______…?” You squeeze your eyes shut and pull your hand away from him. “What?”

"Yongguk… I’m sorry… I want to break-" You never got to finish. The practice doors swung open and Zelo came rushing out.

"Noona!" He came rushing at you, and the tears which clouded your eyes were now gone. You pat him gently on the back as Yongguk stood there in silence. His jaw was slightly dropped as he stared at you with a blank expression. "You’re here because it’s your anniversary with hyung right? 2 years?"

"Y-Yeah." You mumble softly as Zelo pulls away. Everyone else came rushing out to greet you.

"Hyung, are you going to practice now?" Youngjae asks quietly as Yongguk stands there silently.

"Go break, guys." He mutters coldly.

"… Really?" You could see the confused look on Jongup’s face. When Yongguk didn’t respond, all the members turned to look at Himchan to see what he’d say. Himchan merely nods and begins to push them away from the practice room.

"Why’s hyung so angry?" Daehyun mumbles quietly.

"Sh." Was all Himchan could say to him. Once the rest of the members cleared the hallway, Yongguk turns fast on his heels and walked into the practice room, slamming the door shut behind him.

Your hands began to shake; the manager needed you absolutely to break up with him today… It was all planned… When to break up with him and such. The manager wanted you to break up with him on the date of your anniversary… Your chest was hurting so much, but it just had to be done. Before you knew it, your shaky hands opened the practice door.

You watched Yongguk dancing away, music blasting away as you called out to him.

"Yongguk-ah!" You shouted his name, but he ignored you. "Yongguk-ah!" You shouted again. He continued to dance, but you knew he had saw you. You watched in the mirror reflection, as he tried his best to ignore your presence. "Yongguk!" You shouted, but once again, he danced nonstop. It was no doubt he was doing it on purpose.

You stormed over and turned the music off as he continued dancing.

"Yongguk, please-" You reached over and touched his shoulder as he jerked away and turned on his heel. Yongguk stormed towards the door as you ran forward and grabbed his wrist. "Please listen to me!"

"I don’t want to hear anything you have to say." Yongguk mutters before your grip on him slowly begins to loosen. "Especially not today..” Your heart begins to break as his jaw tightens. “I don’t want to hear it.”

"Yongguk, please!"

"I won’t accept it, alright?!" He shouts and throws your wrist off. "I won’t accept it! If you think I’ll accept the idea of you breaking up with me on the day of our 2nd anniversary, you’re dead wrong!" Yongguk’s shoulders loosen as he leans against the door.

"… I don’t have a choice. I’m breaking up with you, Yongguk. I’m sorry." The door was being blocked by Yongguk as he looked you in the eye. There’s no way back after this.

"Today of all days, huh?" He asks quietly before laughing. "Won’t you regret it? Looks like I was the only one who thought these feelings would last forever, hm?" Yongguk rubs his forehead before opening the door. "Go then."

"Yongguk…" You whisper his name quietly, but he doesn’t respond. Your chest tightens as you begin to walk closer to the door. Deep inside you were begging for him to disagree… But you had no other choice. "So this is goodbye." You swallow loudly before attempting to leave.

Just as you did, he slams it shut and laughs. His laugh was full of pain, and you recognized his forced laugh any day.

Like I’d let you go that easily. I thought you knew me better than that.” Yongguk mutters and grabs your wrist. “I won’t accept this break up unless you tell me why. What did I do?! Weren’t we fine just a week ago?! Did you not just tell me you loved me just last night?! Were they all lies?!” His grip around your wrist tightened as you yelped in pain.

"Yongguk, you’re hurting me!" You scream as he lets go. "Please! Don’t make it harder than it already is!" You scream at him. "Because I don’t want to date you anymore! Okay?! I don’t want to! I can’t deal with all of this! All of you!”

"I will not let you go!" Yongguk shouts. "Did someone put you up to this?!"


"Have you ever loved me?!"

"No!" You scream again, tears rolling down as you attempted to hide your face.

"Did… Did I ever mean anything to you?"

"No." You mutter and shake your head. "Nothing.” Yongguk squeezed his eyes shut before he tilted his head. “Just let me leave, Yongguk-“

Do you regret going out with me?" Yongguk asks, his voice breaking. The expression on his face was killing you. Ah.. God… Please… Please don’t make that expression. As you opened your mouth to speak, you bite your lower lip.

Fine. I understand. If you won’t tell me the truth, I’ll find out for myself." He turns fast and storms out of the practice room. Without thinking, you quickly chase him down the hall and grab his arm.

"Yongguk! Stop!" He was heading towards the manager’s office; this was it. "Don’t do anything reckless!" Yongguk clenches his fists angrily and you let go. "Just stop. I’m breaking up with you! Nobody’s forcing me to."

"If you never felt the same way for me, why’d you stay with me for 2 years? Why did you say you loved me so much when you didn’t?!" Yongguk shouts. His fists balled up tight as you felt yourself backing away. As much as you wanted to cry, you couldn’t. "Answer me, damn it! If you wanted to play with my feelings, then congratulations! You’ve done spectacular!

"Sorry that it has to be today! I’m… I’m sorry-" It was all you could say before you felt the tears spill down your face. You quickly turned to run as Yongguk snapped his hand forward and grabbed hold of your arm. "What?!" You flung his hand off, the tears sliding down your face.

With full force, he grabs your face with his large hands, and slams his lips against yours. Your strength was no match for his, and in no time, you found yourself backed up against a wall. “Yong-” You tried to call his name out.

Don’t fight it…" Yongguk mutters and seals your lips with another kiss.

"L-Let go-" You tried to push away from him.

I’m never letting go of you. Ever. If you think I’m going to let you go just like that… you’re wrong." He says against your lips.Instead of hitting him like you were, your arms dropped to your side, and gave in. "Stupid.” He simply murmurs, pulling away from your lips and nuzzling his nose against your neck. “Just how dumb do you think I am?


"We’ve been together for 2 years… You really thought I wouldn’t know if you were lying? What I want to know… Is why you are lying about wanting to break up with me. We both know that’s not true." Yongguk raises his head and looks you in the eye. He brushes your hair gently behind your ear before you began to cry again.

"I’m not… I’m not lying-"

Don’t you fuck with me, ______… Don’t you fuck with me about these kinds of things!" Yongguk swore before you broke down completely.

"G-God, Yongguk! I just.. Y-Your manager called me in! H-He wanted me to break up with you! Our relationship, if found out, will become a burden to you and the rest of the members! I-It’s best if I just break up-"

"Best for who?!" Yongguk strokes your cheek gently, wiping the tears away. "Only I know what’s best for me, not you, and not the manager. As for the members, do you think they’d be happy if you left?!"

"I don’t…" You continued to cry as Yongguk pressed his lips softly to yours.

"Do you think I’d be happy if you left?! Would you be happy?!” You shake your head fast as Yongguk scoffs. “That’s what I thought.” He mumbles softly and cradles your face in his hands before kissing you again. “Don’t… Don’t ever do that again… Don’t give me the impression you’re going to leave me.” You nod before he holds you close to him. “I’ll speak to my manager again… But don’t break up with me… Please.”

"Y-Yongguk, I’m sorry…" You cried against his shoulder.

"I know that.."

"I love you, Yongguk… I-I really-"

"I know you do…"

"I-I didn’t want to break up with you, but your manager-"

"Don’t listen to him. You’re my everything, _______…" Yongguk says. "Do you really regret going out with me?" You shake your head fast before he smiles gently. "And you do love me, don’t you?" You nod fast. "I thought our feelings were the same at first.. yet you were able to say goodbye like that so easily."

"I’m sorry, Yongguk. I’m so sorry! I-It killed me… I-I couldn’t… My chest was hurting, and I-" You felt tears well up again. "I didn’t want to hurt you. Please believe me…" He sighs heavily and nods.

"We’ll be more careful. I’ll talk to the manager. I won’t let anyone take us apart… Instead of looking out for me, let me look out for you. Don’t go far from me, being by my side is enough to keep my happy."

"But being in BAP is what you love the most, I can’t-"

I can’t stop loving you, ______." Yongguk shakes his head and sighs again. "It’s always been you. I can’t imagine being with anyone other than you." Yongguk-ah… you’re always making me fall harder for you. You thought to yourself as he strokes your face again. “We’ll get through this. Just please… Promise you’ll never put my heart through something like that ever again.” He rests his forehead against yours as you shut your eyes.

"I promise."

"For putting me through such pain.. You have to make it up to me. After all.. It’s still our anniversary today." Yongguk begins to place small kisses on your lips before giving you a grin. You can’t help but smile after.

"And how would you like me to do that?"

"Tell me you love me, and that’s good enough…" Yongguk mumbles against your lips.

Why use words when I can show you?



Thanks for reading! <3 :)