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He was coming home less and less, coming home later and later when he did. He didn’t call you during the day to let you know how he was doing, nor did he call to ask how you were doing. He didn’t even text to say those 3 words you’ve been longing to hear. You almost seemed to have forgotten how those 3 words sounded coming from his lips.

Although you didn’t want to admit it out loud, it was just growing bigger and bigger inside of you. The feeling of neglect.

You walked over and stood in front of you as he looked up and chewed his lip.

“Jagi… What’s wrong?” He asked before returning back to writing his lyrics. Maybe it’s a stupid question to ask, you thought. Why would you question his love for you anyways? You shook your head and placed a hand on your forehead. “Jagi-yah?” He looked up again because you continued to stand in front of him.

How much do you love me?

"What?" His attention turned towards you as he put down his paper and pen.

“Y-You’ve been coming home later than usual… Sometimes I barely get to see you, or hear from you for several days apart.” You mumbled as you stared at him.

“Sorry. I’ve been busy.” He muttered quietly.

“Too busy to even call me? To text me?” Was it that hard for him to do? Just a quick, hi, or I love you, jagi-yah. Your fists balled up. For some reason, it seemed as if this was your last straw. The lonely nights, not always knowing where he was, not knowing when he would come home…

“_____-ah, I’m working on lyrics for our comeback song. And we’ve been rehearsing a lot, training our vocals… I just have been very busy. Sometimes I just sleep at the studio.” You took note how he completely avoided your first question: How much do you love me?

Angry tears began to build up as you looked down and nodded. “Why couldn’t you at least call me now and then to tell me that you’re not going to come home for the night? Instead I wait up for you to comeback, and you never do.”

“Jagi, my work-”

Enough about your work!” You shouted angrily as the hot tears spilled from your eyes. “I’m sick and tired of it, okay? I hate how…” You trailed off as you covered your mouth. Immediately you began regretting what you had said. He carefully put his pen down and ran his hand through his hair messily, looking away from you.

“Sorry.” He whispered to you before you stormed off to your room. That was it? That’s all he could say: Sorry. He wasn’t even angry at you for complaining about his job as a singer, nor did he even bring up the idea that you were upset at him for neglecting you. You sat at your bed side and tried to think back at the last time both you and he went out. Nothing. It had been forever since something like that happened.

“Stupid, arrogant, mindless, ignorant, selfish asshole…” You mumbled under your breath and wiped at your eyes. Does he even love you?, you thought. Maybe you were just a second home for him to come to. Maybe the home you two shared was just a place to de-stress. There was a knock on the door as you looked up. “Don’t come in. I need to cool down.”

Jagi…” He whispered from outside as he let himself in. He never did listen anyways. You crossed your legs on the bed and wiped at your eyes again.

“What?” You said emotionlessly.

“Can we talk?”

“No. I don’t want to take precious time away from your band and from your work. So go away.” You laid down on the bed and had your back faced towards him. Honestly, you just felt like yelling at him if he opened his mouth anymore.

“I’m sorry, jagi-yah. I didn’t mean to make my work seem more important than you.”

“Too late, you did.” It wasn’t like you to be stubborn. Why was it that you just wanted to test him? “Too late, oppa.”

“Yeobo…” He called you quietly before shutting the door behind him. He walked over to the bed and kneeled down beside it, your back still facing him. “About your question before…”

“It was stupid, I know. Don’t bring it up-”

“My love for you is stupid?” He asked.


“I was wrong. I always just thought my feelings would be portrayed perfectly fine. I assumed that you’d always be there for me… It never occurred to me that you’d feel the way you do now…” Was he being serious? “I was wrong.”

“I don’t know what you want me to say…” You whispered to him. “It doesn’t change the fact that you don’t call me for several days, show up late whenever you want, show up at my doorstep and call this place a home, and call me your ‘jagi’ and ‘yeobo’ whenever you want.”

“Please look at me…” He touched your should as you jumped slightly at the sudden contact. You shrugged him off. “Yeobo, please. I should’ve called, and I’m sorry for always coming back unexpectedly. Please, jagi-yah… Don’t be angry at me. I promise to-”

“When was the last time you said you loved me?” You asked quietly as he went completely silent. He refused to say anything as he mumbled-

“I thought… it was always self-explanatory…”

“I said, when was the last time you said you loved me?” You asked again as you felt tears roll down your face again.

“______-ah, I-” You suddenly sat up and turned towards him.

I said, when was the last time you said you loved me?!” You shouted loudly at him as he looked at you with a startled expression. “When was the last time you-

“I don’t remember, jagi. I honestly don’t remember,” He avoided eye contact with you again. “I was too absorbed in my work, I have been neglecting you…” He honestly admitted before standing up and looking down at you. You watched him heave a heavy breath before he bowed his head down to you. “Sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it, oppa. Why do I feel as if you’ve… drifted away from me?” You asked before he reached forward and placed his hand on your cheek.

Jagi-yah. In this life time, the only person I’ll ever love is you. I love you more than anything. You’re there when I need you, and you’ll be truthful to me when I need you to be. I’m really sorry I haven’t been home with you, and I’m sorry I placed my work over you. Please, jagi… Don’t be angry with me…” You kneeled on the bed and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Sorry… I shouldn’t have gotten angry at you for your work. That was selfish of me. I should’ve known better.” You confessed quietly before embracing him tighter. His hands slowly wrapped themselves around your waist. “I just felt neglected… and I wasn’t sure if you still loved me-”

Don’t… Don’t ever say you’re not sure I love you. I will always love you.” He pulled you away and cupped your face with his hands. “I love you.” He whispered before placing his lips gently against yours. “I love you.” He whispered against your lips before pulling away. “If you ever feel that I don’t love you, I hope you remember this moment.” As he pressed his lips agains yours again, you felt a cold metal feeling slip from the tip of your finger to the base. Your eyes widened as he placed small kisses on your neck.

“O-Oppa… Th-This…” You brought your left hand up in front of you.

“If you still don’t believe my feelings for you… then I’ll use the rest of this life time of mine to let you know just how much I love you, jagi-yah.”

“I believe you…”

“This, yeobo,” He brought your left hand and pressed his lips gently against the metal band on your finger. “This is a promise to you that I’ll love you tomorrow, the day after that, and the rest of forever. I love you, jagi.”




I hope you liked it! :)