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I can’t believe this is happening… My heart is breaking all over again… please… I can’t take anymore of this… You’ve fought well, it must’ve been so hard with those injuries you’ve sustained… You are free from pain now… so please

Keep EunB company for us

She’s still in surgery after 7hrs… This is all just too heartbreaking for me… Don’t let go yet…

Please hang on to your life and live…

This is just so painful to hear… I’m in complete shock with what’s happened… Hoping for a speedy recovery for Sojung and Rise :(

RIP EunB… Heaven’s gained a beautiful angel. My deepest condolences to her family and friends…

RIP for their driver as well :(

Please pray for Ladies Code…

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andyoureahurricane whispered : not a question or anything, but man, your scenarios are one of the best on Tumblr. So happy I stumbled across your blog. (your "60 Sec." with Myungsoo made me tear up.) <333

AWWWW really?! gah i always get so flustered when people tell me my scenarios are well written :) :) <3

1004-1 whispered : Sorry if I'm a bit late, but... ⊂(*´∀`)☆HДРРЧ ВIЯтHDДЧ☆(´∀`*)⊃

Hahaha, that’s okay! OMG SO CUTEEEE <3 thank youuu :)

meguminosekai whispered : It's your birthday?? Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day and year ahead! :>

Hahaha, it was about 5 days ago, but that’s okay :)) Thank you so much!

→ Anonymous whispered : HAPPY HAPPY BDAY SWEETNESS!!!!

Awww thank you!

→ Anonymous whispered : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love your blog and your writing and gaaaaah you're just perfect!' Enjoy!!

Awww thank you thank you :)

School’s started again… I’ll try my best to update soon.. no promises ;~;