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→ Anonymous whispered : if you click on tags at the top instead of clicking on one of the drop down options, you get the chance to type in as many tags as you want! :)

Thank you!! :D

→ Anonymous whispered : Is it just me or you can only select one tag on AFF at a time? :/ I want to find scenarios where its not boy x boy yenno? I want some oc x bias/"___" :(

i think there’s a function where you can type in the tags you’d like? like multiple ones… I don’t remember exactly where I could find this now; the new aff layout is kind of throwing me offf… lol…

→ Anonymous whispered : Holy shit that Luhan smut was amazing

LOLOL omg thank you! I didn’t know people still read it lol… it’s old lolol

→ Anonymous whispered : Should we believe that? I don't know and have mixed feelings about all of this. Sure, it's just a 'rumour' ... but it seems possible with all that has been happening with departures from Exo. I'm just getting more and more sad from the recent news; no matter who separates from who, it's gonna take a while to get used to. (._.)

i have no idea. it hasn’t been confirmed yet, so it might just be a rumor… I wouldn’t mind if they left though. I personally want Lay and Tao to just leave… I know it would leave Exo in shambles, but it’s not like Exo-M can be Exo-M now that two members from there have left… I’m more worried about Lay and Tao. Doesn’t look like they’re going to be getting much support from Korean fans at this point.

It took me a while to come to a complete understanding that Kris was gone. Even though Luhan’s my favorite, it’s definitely not as hard as it was to believe when Kris left.

I guess what saddens me the most is how people could so easily call Kris a traitor, while full out supporting Luhan for his decision to leave. Given they left during different parts of Exo’s career, it still makes me sad that fans support Luhan while they hated on Kris for leaving for similar reasons…


→ Anonymous whispered : When I heard about the news, I was already having a rather bad day ... then it got worse. I was pretty shocked at first; after I thought 'what about Sehun'?? (T_T) I'm really sad over Luhan's departure.

I was actually having an okay day before this… I’m more afraid for Lay and Tao… Typical mistreatment of foreign artists… classic SM.

Sorry guys… I was in the middle of writing a scenario for Exo too.. All this bad news recently… it makes my heart hurt.


ok but where are all the people callin luhan a betrayer? saying he was selfish? saying that he wasnt good enough for the group anyway?

yall can come back when you apologize for the things you said about kris smfh


I’m so upset right now. Yet another EXO member has left the group. Though, what I find funny is how when kris left, lay was all “he betrayed us” but now luhans left, he’s all like “I will miss you friend” ugh smh smh I don’t know who to believe anymore…

it’s just so sad… nobody was there for kris… i don’t even know anymore. i want to believe they’re all still friends and are still in contact with one another… i’m just so frustrated with how sm is running things right now. nearly 100% done with kpop at this point…