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andyoureahurricane whispered : not a question or anything, but man, your scenarios are one of the best on Tumblr. So happy I stumbled across your blog. (your "60 Sec." with Myungsoo made me tear up.) <333

AWWWW really?! gah i always get so flustered when people tell me my scenarios are well written :) :) <3

1004-1 whispered : Sorry if I'm a bit late, but... ⊂(*´∀`)☆HДРРЧ ВIЯтHDДЧ☆(´∀`*)⊃

Hahaha, that’s okay! OMG SO CUTEEEE <3 thank youuu :)

meguminosekai whispered : It's your birthday?? Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day and year ahead! :>

Hahaha, it was about 5 days ago, but that’s okay :)) Thank you so much!

→ Anonymous whispered : HAPPY HAPPY BDAY SWEETNESS!!!!

Awww thank you!

→ Anonymous whispered : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love your blog and your writing and gaaaaah you're just perfect!' Enjoy!!

Awww thank you thank you :)

School’s started again… I’ll try my best to update soon.. no promises ;~;

kekerockinrobin whispered : Happy Birthday :)

Thank you :)))

rachgot7exo whispered : Happy birthday eonnie! I finally got tumblr today! But! I've been monitoring your scenarios through the internet without an account! I love your works soooooo much and am a HUGE fan i'm not kidding. You are a legit awesome writer like really! Love you so much! Have a great birthday eonnie! XOXO, A long time fan who finally made a Tumblr today~ Rach!

Oh, thank you very much sweetie :) <3 <3

rachgot7exo whispered : Angst PLEASEE!

;) ;)

tinkchick555 whispered : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Thank you! :)