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→ Anonymous whispered : I miss your scenarios~! Planning any updates soon? If you don't, we understand since there's always so much random things happening at once (+homework). Fighting!!

Awww.. I miss writing them too…

I’m not sure =/ I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long.. I’ll see what I can do >__<

→ Anonymous whispered : i cant believe i stayed up all night reading this whole blog, i was like “ok, one more and i go to sleep” but then i was like “ohh but look, jealous Baekhyun, i NEED to read that!” haha, loved the blog, best scenarios ive ever read :D ^_^

Ahh! I’m so flattered! My scenarios > sleep? NEVER… Get some rest D: 

Thank you! <3 <3

→ Anonymous whispered : My spring break is coming up next week! When's your's? Do you have any plans?:)

Mine’s next week too!!!! hmmm not really… i want to write scenarios though LOL i haven’t written since february :(

→ Anonymous whispered : Do you sleep early? I've been getting into a bad habit of sleeping late, most times 2am but even writer than that is at 5am!!!!! My dark circles... Idk how to sleep earlier T_T

Omg there is no such thing as sleeping early for me lol… I sleep really really late… sometimes at 4am and 5am… it’s 7:30am right now LOL.

My dark circles are really bad… hahaha… i can’t sleep earlier cause i have so much homework :( i wish it could be staying late to chill with friends, or staying up late to watch a drama or write scenarios… :((

→ Anonymous whispered : beast ♡

First bias: Kikwang

Current: Dongwoon :)

→ Anonymous whispered : bangtan boys ♥


→ Anonymous whispered : Infinite

Lol anon you sent me this 5 times hahaha xD

Anyways.. My first bias: Myungsoo

Current bias: Sungyeol

→ Anonymous whispered : Shinee

First bias: Jonghyun

Current bias: Jonghyun

LOL. Also another rare occasion where my first bias = current bias = forever bias xDD

la-demoiselle-d-azur whispered : B.A.P.: First bias Zelo, bias currently is Daehyun (couldn't resist his high notes) XD

OMG BAP. This ones just.. yeah.. LOL <33

First bias: Daehyun

Current bias: Daehyun

This beautiful shit’s been all up on my bias list since he opened his mouth and sang that high note in warrior LOL



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