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Requests. CLOSED. ____________________________________________ I write for: BAP and EXO

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petatots whispered : Hey , i was the one who requested the Chen angst angst scenario with like a happy ending it was anon cause i actually didnt know if my message wouldve made it through xD. I don't know if you'd accept this but i have an idea for the scenario , like you and chen are unknowingly arguing in front of your son and yeah. thats all i got xD its okay if you don't accept it. But yeah. Thank you for writing your beautiful scenarios , you are so talented and im a huge fan of your writings xxxx

Hello! We’ll see, hahaha :)

Thank youuu <3

suute whispered : Okay, just wanted to say that because of you and your scenarios, I can't find nice scenarios easily anymore; I've become so used to your greatness that now I've become picky about it! Ahaha kidding...well it's true, but I am really grateful that you write these stories ~ Thank you very much ! ♡♡ (Oh and I also wanted to say that your angsty scenario with happy ending are the best !) Please keep going :) ~~

OMG O____O seriously? asdfghjkl

LOL thanks! I like a happy ending to all my stories! Just an optimistic way to approach life is all :)

→ Anonymous whispered : Surprise, beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people’s asks (anonymously) who deserve it. Nothing bad will happen if you break the chain, but it is nice to know that someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. Help spread Anon love, not hate ☆


kpop-fanatic whispered : I have a few mark pictures you may like but im not sure :3

OOOOH link me! :3

→ Anonymous whispered : Mark Tuan has really nice lips though... i hope you realize how much do we care about you and your scenarios. The plagiarism issue is just the annoying part of being a great author. Please don't ever stop writing :)

His lips are so nice *u* Everything about him is so nice…

Thank you so much, really… It makes me so happy that you guys care about me and my scenarios T~T I don’t know how I could ever thank you guys for looking after me…

I’ve thought about stopping to be honest, but I won’t… Not yet.

→ Anonymous whispered : hellooo I was the who asked for the link to your sehun scenario and I just wanna tell you I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR SCENARIOS I WOULD KISS YOU IF I COULD:*** I just wanted to tell you that haha thankyou for giving me so many feels with your scenarios♡

Aw, thanks for messaging me how much you liked it! <3 :)

LOL, saving these lips for Mark Tuan sorry

→ Anonymous whispered : can you please send me a link to the sehun scenario were you try to suicide. I cant seem to find it. thank you♡♡♡♥♥♥

http://soul-scenarios.tumblr.com/post/35522512893/exos-sehun-when-you-try-to-kill-yourself :)

→ Anonymous whispered : Just curious, how many times have your scenarios been plagiarized?

3-4 I think?

jeonkukie whispered : Its me again OTL I got notified of what's going on here and I'm just here to apologize OTL it seems like I only go here to apologise (T^T) You don't deserve to get any of that. You were the one who was wronged in the incident and you were just trying to resolve it. I hope you're okay~

OMG no no no… Don’t apologize. :( Like I mentioned in the other responses to that anon, do not apologize on the behalf of your fans. You can’t control their actions. Seriously, you were so understanding about the whole situation, and from what I can tell, you are a very very nice person.

Don’t worry, I’m absolutely fine, hahaha. Getting into small bickers with anons brings out the argumentative side of me, haha. I hope you’re okay as well :)